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Explora Obzidian

A universe at war and a prophecy that is about to come true

Welcome to the Obzidian universe, home to the most powerful and coveted element in the cosmos. Could the Jaguar Warrior's prophecy come true and end the darkness?

Cofre Obzidian

Obzidian Mythology / Obzidian Lore


In the beginning there was the Primordial Energy with a perpetual consciousness, a universal mind divided into separate components that maintained its balance and stability in all its senses. This autonomous system was powered by energy produced internally. When negativity dominated the <<Singularity>>, it became a hostile environment for those who lived in it. And if positive energy prevailed, it remained a peaceful and abundant kingdom to coexist. Inside the <<Singularity>> infinite planets, galaxies and life forms were created. The firmament, the earth and its mountains, plants and animals were brought into existence. In particular, and with the motive of self-awareness, the <<Singularity>> divided his attributes creating a group of 11 <<Supreme Beings>> who were given special powers over other creations, to protect and cultivate.

The mystery is still waiting for the brave who dare to discover it!

Three sacred and powerful elements were scattered throughout the universe.

Obzidian Personajes


A planet with white beaches and beautiful views of the water. The Zidians of Tulumia hold a sports competition that lasts for days and few survive. They use boats and water vehicles.



Platua, aquatic planet inhabited by Zidians. Rich in sea minerals and creatures. Favorite of the Goddess of Water. Frost Moon 'Aphros' keeps temperature low.



Tikali is a planet inhabited by the Zidians, rich in minerals and resources. Its fertile land is perfect for agriculture and its inhabitants are connected with nature. The planet is protected by the moon 'Zezenia'.



Desuria is a sand planet with no life visible on the surface. The inhabitants take refuge in an underground paradise, protected from the outside winds and creating their own world underground.



A place where the fire element reigns. No living being can step on it without protection. There was an "Ancient Fire Tribe" that disappeared, leaving only structures. During one season, a crucial item to process Obzidian and create Altered Obzidian is found.



Ancient city with advanced technology gone. Legend has it that the 'Titans' awoke by exploiting nature. Now, small tribes are unaware of their past on the planet's surface.

Armas 3D

obzidian weaponry 3d catalog

Discover our collection of 3D game weapon assets, perfect for adding a new level of realism to your virtual battles.

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Preservacion Cultural

cultural preservation

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